What is GKRT?

GKRT is an independent and unbiased service. We use information collected from official sources to provide a fair comparison between the circuits.

We have no affiliation with any of the tracks listed on the site. The tracks are listed in a completely random order, which is regenerated each time the page is loaded. No preference is given to any particular track’s order on the page.

Track Ratings

This site is aimed at serious karters and professional racers looking to compare different track types around the country.

A higher-rated track will typically have better facilities, faster karts, friendly staff, a choice of circuits and a longer circuit length.

How does our rating system work?

All tracks on this website have a rating from one to five. This is created via an algorithm based on the overall track quality and experience, and we have outlined the main factors below.

Please note that these ratings are only a guide and may not necessarily be truly reflective of the karting venue. Please contact the venue directly to confirm any details, or if you’ve noticed any errors in the track information on our site then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to make corrections.

Track Type

There are three track types listed on this site: Indoor, Outdoor and Mixed.

Outdoor tracks offer serious racers the opportunity to hone their skills in all conditions. Racing on a wet circuit requires an entirely different set of skills and reflexes, that cannot be replicated at an indoor track.

Indoor tracks offer the unique opportunity to set lap times in consistent conditions all-year-round. The experience is very different to outdoor circuits, usually with little or no run-off areas, a different track surface and no opportunity to improve your wet-weather skills.

The Karts

Racing enthusiasts typically want to use the fastest and best go karts available to test their skills.

The tracks listed on this site have a wide variety of kart types: Electric, LPG, and Petrol (Single or Twin engine). For each of these there is a variety of engine sizes and top speeds, ranging from 30mph to over 80mph.

A combination of the kart type, manufacturer, engine size and top speed is used to help calculate the overall track rating.

The Facilities

Certain tracks offer a wide range of facilities, including a licensed bar, a restaurant, lockers, on-site parking, showers, trophies for GP winners, spectator viewing areas, racewear provision, online leaderboards and timesheet print-outs.

The list of facilities available at each circuit is weighted and combined to help calculate the overall track rating.

Track Length

The length of a karting circuit can vary from 250m to over 1km.

A longer circuit will typically provide a more diverse range of corners, a higher number of overtaking opportunities and a more challenging feat to set the perfect lap time.

If a circuit is also used in a higher-tier national karting championship, this will also help the overall rating.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is a combination of many smaller factors, not necessarily directly related to your on-track time but will help to ensure you have a better overall experience.

This includes the ease of access to the venue, whether bookings made be made online, track time price-per-minute, frequency of special offers and online reviews from trusted sources.